Ice Production

Blue River Ice Robot - Technology & Innovation

Blue River Ice is passionate about technology and innovation to ensure the business is efficient and effective to best service the Mackay and the Whitsunday’s.

Blue River Ice not only benefits internally from adopting the best practices and innovation available within the ice manufacturing industry, but so do our customers. Consumers and business customers can be assured that our products are manufactured to the highest standards under a HACCP plan where our systems are internally audited on a daily/monthly basis and externally by an independent auditor yearly. Our processes of ice manufacturing are second to none and the end result tells the story. With a clear translucent appearance our ice shines through with purity and quality, whilst maintaining a loose presence in the bag resulting in long lasting ice.


The Image to the left is Blue River Ice’s personal robot, which assists in streamlining the packaging process.


Experience our ice manufacturing from right here in Mackay by viewing our videos of our production plant, machinery and robots in action in the videos below. Ice bagging, packaging and palletising with custom machinery designed specifically to suit the Blue River Ice production system.