Blue River Water

Blue River Water_Portraitglass-of-waterBlue River Water is bottled, purified, drinking water that has been put through 8 stages of filtration and purification that has a clean, crisp taste every time. Located in the Mackay, Whitsunday and the Isaac regions we locally produce and bottle our high quality product. The water produced undergoes strict testing and procedures within our HACCP plan guaranteeing a safe, quality consistent product. When purchasing Blue River Water you are making the environmentally friendly choice with a local bottling factory that has the latest innovative bottling equipment and regular product testing.

Supplying the home market through approx 30 retail outlets such as convenience stores, supermarkets, and service stations makes purchasing easy and handy. No need for consumers to store extra bottles when it’s so easy to exchange at your nearest outlet.

The office and factory business to business customers can call for a quote or enquiries about our bottled water, water coolers and delivery service. We guarantee a same day delivery if ordered prior to midday. Later orders will be delivered early next morning.